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McGill Alumni
Post-Doctoral Trainees
  • Dominic G. Roy, PostDoc (Apr 2019-Oct 2020)
Graduate Students
  • Ryan D. Pardy, Ph.D. student (Sept 2015-Oct 2020)
  • Miranda Yu, M.Sc. student (Jul 2019-Aug 2020)
  • Stefanie F. Valbon, M.Sc. student (Sept 2018-Aug 2020)
  • Tracey Beauchamp, M.Sc. student (Jan 2018-Dec 2019)
  • Logan K. Smith, M.Sc. student (Sept 2015-Aug 2017)
Undergraduate Students
  • Sequoia Crooks, Undergraduate research trainee (Sept 2017-May 2018), MIMM Honours student (Sept 2018-Apr 2019)
  • Chris O'Hare-Freire, Integrated Honours in Immunology student (Sept 2017-Apr 2018)
  • Natasha Barone, Undergraduate research trainee (Feb 2016-Dec 2016), MIMM 396 Research student (Jan 2017-Apr 2017)
  • Wei (Wendy) Zhao, MIMM Honours student (May 2016-Apr 2017)
  • Stefanie Valbon, Undergraduate research trainee (Nov 2014-Apr 2015), B.Sc.-M.Sc. Integrated program student and Honour's student (May 2015-Aug 2016)
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