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Selected publications

Pattnaik, A, AH Dhalech, SA Condotta, C Corn, MJ Richer, LM Snell and CM Robinson. A viral-specific CD4 T cell response protects female mice from Coxsackievirus B3 infection. Frontiers in Immunology 2024: 14: 1327384. PMID 38274806.

Jiang, W, AR Maldeney, X Yuan, MJ Richer, SE Renshaw and W Luo. Ipsilateral immunization after a prior SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination elicits superior B cell responses compared to contralateral immunization. Cell Reports 2024: 43(1): 113665. PMID 38194344.

Dhalech, AH, SA Condotta, A Pattnaik, C Corn, MJ Richer and CM Robinson. Coxsackievirus B3 elicits a sex-specific CD8 T cell response which protects female mice. PLoS Pathogens 2023: 19(9): e1011465. PMID 37669302.

Dhalech, AH, C Corn, V Mangale, F Syed, SA Condotta, MJ Richer and CM Robinson. Testosterone promotes intestinal replication and dissemination of Coxsackievirus B3 in an oral inoculation mouse model. Journal of Virology 2022: 96(17): 1-16. PMID 36037480.

Pardy, RD, ME Gentile, AM Carter, SA Condotta, IL King and MJ Richer. An epidemic Zika virus isolate drives enhance T follicular helper cell and B cell-mediated immunity. Journal of Immunology 2022: 208(7): 1719-1728. PMID: 35346966.

Pardy, RD, SF Valbon, B Cordeiro, CM Krawczyk and MJ Richer. An epidemic Zika virus isolate suppresses antiviral immunity by disrupting antigen presentation pathways. Nature Communications 2021: 12(1): 4501. PMID: 34193875.

Condotta, SA, J Downey, RD Pardy, SF Valbon, E Tarrab, A Lamarre, M Divangahi and MJ Richer. Cyclophilin D regulates antiviral CD8+ T cell survival in a cell extrinsic manner. ImmunoHorizons 2020: 4(4): 217-230. PMID: 32332052.

Nolz, JC and MJ Richer. Control of memory CD8+ T cell longevity and effector functions by IL-15. Molecular Immunology 2019: 117: 180-188. PMID: 31816491. Review.

Pardy, RD and MJ Richer. Zika Virus Pathogenesis: From Early Case Reports to Epidemics. Viruses 2019: 11(10): pii: E886. PMID: 31546589. Review.

Pardy, RD and MJ Richer. Protective to a T: The role of T cells during Zika virus infection. Cells 2019: 8(8): 820. PMID: 31382545. Review.

Pardy, RD, SF Valbon and MJ Richer. Running interference: Interplay between Zika virus and the host interferon response. Cytokine 2019: 119: 7-15. PMID: 30856603. Review.

Smith, LK, GM Boukhaled, SA Condotta, S Mazouz, JJ Guthmiller, R Vijay, NS Butler, J Bruneau, NH Shoukry, CM Krawczyk and MJ Richer. Interleukin-10 directly inhibits CD8 T cell function by enhancing N-glycan branching to decrease antigen sensitivity. Immunity 2018: 48(2): 299-312. PMID: 2939160.

Condotta SA and MJ Richer. The immune battlefield: The impact of inflammatory cytokines on CD8 T cell immunity. PLoS Pathogens Pearls 2017: 13(10): e1006618. PMID: 29073270. Review.

Van Den Ham KM, LK Smith, MJ Richer* and M Olivier*. Protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibition prevents experimental cerebral malaria by precluding CXCR3 expression in T cells. Scientific Reports 2017: 4(1): 5478. PMID: 28710387. *Co-corresponding authors.


Pardy, RD, MM Rajah, SA Condotta, NG Taylor, SM Sagan* and MJ Richer*. Analysis of the T cell response to Zika virus and identification of a novel CD8 T cell epitope in immunocompetent mice. PLoS Pathogens 2017: 13(2): e1006184. PMID: 28231312. *Co-corresponding authors.

Highlighted on EurekAlert:

Ma EH, G Bantug, T Griss, SA Condotta, RM Johnson, B Samborska, N Mainolfi, V Suri, H Guak, ML Balmer, MJ Verway, TC Raissi, H Tsui, G Boukhaled, S Henriques da Costa, C Frezza, CM Krawczyk, A Friedman, M Manfredi, MJ Richer, C Hess and RG Jones. Serine is an essential metabolite for effector T cell expansion. Cell Metabolism 2017: 25(2): 345-357. PMID: 28111214


Rajah, MM, RD Pardy, SA Condotta, MJ Richer* and SM Sagan*. Zika Virus: Emergence, Phylogenetics, Challenges and Opportunities. ACS Infectious Diseases 2016: 2(11): 763-772. PMID: 27704772. *Co-corresponding authors. Review.


Richer MJ*#, ML Lang, NS Butler*#. T cell fates "zipped up": how the Bach2 basic leucine zipper transcriptional repressor directs T cell differentiation and function. Journal of Immunology 2016: 197(4): 1009-1015. PMID: 27496973. *Co-corresponding authors. #Authors contributed equally. Review.


Valbon, SF#, SA Condotta# and MJ Richer. Regulation of effector and memory CD8 T cell function by inflammatory cytokines. Cytokine 2016: 82: 16-23. PMID: 26688544. #Authors contributed equally. Review.

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