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Stephanie A. Condotta Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor
Current Position
Nov 2020-present
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN, USA
2015-2020 Research Associate
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
Supervisor Dr. Martin J. Richer
2014-2015 Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
Supervisor Dr. Martin J. Richer
2010-2014 Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Department of Pathology
The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA
Supervisor Dr. Vladimir P. Badovinac
2005-2010 Doctor of Philosophy
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Supervisor Dr. François Jean
2002-2005 Master of Science 
Department of Biology, Centre for Biotechnology
Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Supervisors Dr. Michael Bidochka and Dr. Fiona Hunter
1997-2002 Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Department of Biology, Centre for Biotechnology
Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Honours project supervisor Dr. Michael Bidochka
Research Interests
My dad was a high school science teacher and introduced me to science at a very young age. There was always fun experiments going on at home and I was hooked after he showed me a paramecium slide with our microscope at home. I fell in love with scientific research during my undergraduate honours project working on insect pathogenic fungus. I wanted to continue academic research for my M.Sc. degree and had the opportunity to study the epidemiology of West Nile virus in Ontario, Canada. I wanted to further my understanding of West Nile virus and for my Ph.D. research I studied the biochemical mechanisms of the West Nile virus NS3 protease. From here I changed gears and decided I wanted to learn something totally new for my postdoctoral training. I had the opportunity to learn immunology and focused my research on the impact sepsis has on CD8 T cell responses to infection. This experience opened up a whole new world and I fell in love with CD8 T cells. My current research in the Richer lab focuses on furthering our understanding of CD8 T cell biology in context of infectious models and disease. When I'm not in the lab I enjoy watching TV, experimenting in the kitchen, cycling, walking in the one of the amazing parks in Indy and hanging out with our crazy, adorable, very affectionate cat Wren.
Selected publications

Dhalech, A, C Corn, V Mangale, F Syed, SA Condotta, MJ Richer and CM Robinson. Testosterone promotes intestinal replication and dissemination of Coxsackievirus B3 in an oral inoculation mouse model. Journal of Virology 2022: 96(17): 1-16. PMID 36037480.

Pardy, RD, ME Gentile, AM Carter, SA Condotta, IL King and MJ Richer. An epidemic Zika virus isolate drives enhance T follicular helper cell and B cell-mediated immunity. Journal of Immunology 2022: 208(7): 1719-1728. PMID: 35346966.

Condotta, SA, J Downey, RD Pardy, SF Valbon, E Tarrab, A Lamarre, M Divangahi and MJ Richer. Cyclophilin D regulates antiviral CD8+ T cell survival in a cell extrinsic manner. ImmunoHorizons 2020: 4(4): 217-230. PMID: 32332052.

Smith, LK, GM Boukhaled, SA Condotta, S Mazouz, JJ Guthmiller, R Vijay, NS Butler, J Bruneau, NH Shoukry, CM Krawczyk and MJ Richer. Interleukin-10 directly inhibits CD8 T cell function by enhancing N-glycan branching to decrease antigen sensitivity. Immunity 2018: 48(2): 299-312. PMID: 2939160.

Pardy, RD, MM Rajah, SA Condotta, NG Taylor, SM Sagan and MJ Richer. Analysis of the T cell response to Zika virus and identification of a novel CD8 T cell epitope in immunocompetent mice. PLOS Pathogens 2017: 13(2): e1006184. PMID: 28231312.

Ma EH, G Bantug, T Griss, SA Condotta, RM Johnson, B Samborska, N Mainolfi, V Suri, H Guak, ML Balmer, MJ Verway, TC Raissi, H Tsui, G Boukhaled, S Henriques da Costa, C Frezza, CM Krawczyk, A Friedman, M Manfredi, MJ Richer, C Hess and RG Jones. Serine is an essential metabolite for effector T cell expansion. Cell Metabolism 2017: 25(2): 345-357. PMID: 28111214.

Condotta SA and MJ Richer. The immune battlefield: The impact of inflammatory cytokines on CD8 T cell immunity. PLoS Pathogens Pearls 2017: 13(10): e1006618. PMID: 29073270. Review.

Rajah, MM, RD Pardy, SA Condotta, MJ Richer and SM Sagan. Zika Virus: Emergence, Phylogenetics, Challenges and Opportunities. ACS Infectious Diseases 2016: 2(11): 763-772. PMID: 27704772. Review.


Valbon, SF#, SA Condotta# and MJ Richer. Regulation of effector and memory CD8 T cell function by inflammatory cytokines. Cytokine 2016: 82: 16-23. PMID: 26688544. #Authors contributed equally. Review.

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